Classical intellectual toys

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It's so hard for a circle to get rid of the lasso bigger than it. What should I do? Break it with a hammer? NO ! It's really time to test your IQ. Untie this, and other hard intellectual toys are floating clouds. Untie it, put it back, it's hard again!

Real exciting, challenging, appetizing, puzzle!


  • Metal brain teaser condenses with traditional Chinese culture and they are quite interesting.
  • Good for creative thinking and improve both your IQ & EQ.
  • After getting each puzzles solved by yourself, then you will get achievement, but we still attach a diagram to satisfied with some people.
  • Ideal gift for children.

Tips: If you want more fun & Challenge,please DO NOT refer to the solution 
"Challenge Guide".The really most interesting thing is exploring it,but not the 

Material:  High quality metal.

Style: Traditional Puzzle 

Function: Intellectual development.

Packaging: PVC Box.


Mission: Free the circle from the puzzle and then put it back to the original position.